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Pink Vintage Lady – Experimenting with lace and trims

I’m such a newbie at this lace and trim thing but I really want to get better at it because I’ve seen such stunning journals with fabrics, laces, and trims.

I’m also still experimenting with collaging and different ways to embellish pages.

I went for a vintage and pink theme with this one with a variety of pages interspersed with coffee-dyed pages.

I used some ephemera from Tim Holtz and a scrapbook paper pad and some vintage pages from happy mail.

I’m still experimenting with glassine bags and envelopes too:

Here I tried embellishing a page with a napkin for the first time:

And I’m also experimenting with collaging on pages without tuck spots or pockets but just for the sake of making the page look pretty:

This is a tag I got from happy mail. Love it!

I’m too worried about making the journal too chunky so I’ve decided for my next journal I’m going to experiment with fewer pages so I can embellish each one.

Here’s a flip-through:

Junk journal

The first junk journal I’ve bought (from Paper Pixie)

Yay, I’m so excited to have bought my very first junk journal made by someone else.

I’m especially excited about this one because it started my paper bag journal series. It’s inspired me so much and been a big part of my journaling journey.

It’s just stunning with so much ephemera packed into it and so many creative ideas.

Like the page on the left is actually an envelope that opens and the page on the right looks so cool with a napkin stuck to it:

This page has one of the envelopes that inspired the napkin envelopes I made:

Almost ever page is filled with ephemera or has something interesting on it but there’s still lots of writing space.

This is m favourite page in the whole book because of the collaging with that mini paper bag. I love that you can see through it to the mason jar that you can pull out of it. I love the laces and trims and the collage on the bag. And I love the piece of folded paper behind it with extra journaling space:

There is just so much I love about this journal. I love all of the pages but here are some of my other favourites:

This last photo shows a mini journal in that lace pocket. How cool is that!

This is such a special journal for me and I’m so thankful I actually own it. I love Paper Pixie’s work and I have to pinch myself that I have one of her journals.

I look forward to building up my collection of journals from other people since I’ll only buy ones that really mean something to me.

I’m excited to start using this journal, personalising it, and making it my own. I’m not sure how I’m going to do that yet because I don’t usually use journals with so much already in them. But I’ll have fun working that out as I’m a big believer in journals being used and making them your own.

I’m also excited to get crafting away and use this journal as more inspiration in my own journals.

Here’s a flip-through of the amazing journal if you’d like to see this work of art. Forgive my awkwardness, still not used to filming myself and talking on camera.

Junk journal

Reusing music paper and napkins

I’ve been making some embellishments for junk journals, and here I’ve been working on envelopes.

I used music paper from a series of music books I got from an op-shop to make the envelopes.

Then I used a bunch of napkins in my stash. All of them except for three I got in happy mail from people all around the world.

I’m so glad because I live in a small country town and can’t find pretty napkins like these.

I always ask for blue birds, blue butterflies, and peacocks so I’m thankful for these treasures from people.

I love how the envelopes turned out. I made about 70. Yep, I do things in bulk.

Here’s a video I filmed of the envelopes if you want to know a bit more about the process and see them in more detail:

What do you think?

Junk journal

Vote for my new journal blog and business name

Thanks so much to everyone who commented on my previous post asking for help with a new name.

After doing three polls in various groups I’m part of, I’ve narrowed it down to two-ish options and I’m stuck because my heart wants one option but my head thinks the other option might be wiser.

Willow resonated with most people and I really want to include that word because of what it represents: wonder, precious memories, home – all ideas that also capture what a journal is about for me.

Willow Journals is already taken, as is Willow Pages and variations. But Willowbound was suggested, or Willowbound Journals. What do you think?

The other option is Silk Journals because I’m also a writer, my email is wordslikesilk, and I self-publish memoirs through Words Like Silk which I hope to turn into a writing business one day.

Words Like Silk is about the love and power of writing to help people. It’s also about self-expression, creativity, using your voice, and sharing stories, in general. Through it I’d love to have branches like writing courses, a stationery line, storytelling through art, etc.

So I could have things like Silk Journals, Silk Stationery, Silk Art, etc. Or I can use a specific name that is more meaningful to each branch that captures what it’s about for me, like Willowbound for journals.

Either way, Words Like Silk will be the umbrella, but do I go with the generic, easy Silk option or the more meaningful but less simple, unique name option?

Another thing to consider is Willow has resonated with a lot of people, but I’m not sure if Silk Journals on its own even resonates with people.

My heart is with Willowbound because of the meaning behind it, but Silk might be the wiser choice in terms of business and branding.

What do I do? Argh! Haha, at least I’ve narrowed it down. Any help would be super appreciated.


Cancelled stamp haul

I bought a bulk lot of stamps to make stamp embellishments.

I bought 80 but the lady threw in quite a few extras and I got over 100.

They also came with a lovely card.

I got these stamps specifically to make tag embellishments inspired by Liz at The Paper Project.

Here’s the first tag embellishment I made for one of my journals:

Love it!

Will definitely make more of these.

Here’s the video that inspired me:

Junk journal

Flip-through of the ‘morning to night’ faith journal

Here’s a look at all the cool pages in this faith journal.

I wasn’t feeling the best when I filmed this, so sorry I’m a bit flat in this video. Plus, I’m still awkward – haha! I don’t know if I’ll ever get used to talking while filming myself (or my hands).

But I love sharing my creations, so I’ll keep doing it and hope you enjoy seeing what I make.

Junk journal

‘From morning to night’ faith journal

The idea behind this was a ‘morning to night’ faith journal with a sunrise and sunset on the front and back covers.

Just an encouragement for whoever gets this journal that God is always with them and they can stay connected to him every second of the day.

I like that the back cover with the palm trees actually reminds me of where I live in north Qld.

Junk journal

A look at all the journals I’ve sold so far

I have so much fun making these journals.

Here’s a look at all the journals I’ve sold so far.

This was the very first journal I sold that my sister-in-law bought:

My next-door neighbour bought these two journals:

One of my friend’s bought these two journals (the second one is a faith journal):

She also bought this journal for her friend’s birthday:

One friend bought these two faith journals that she gave to two of her sisters:

A friend bought this journal for her daughter:

Another friend bought this journal:

A friend bought this faith journal:

She also bought this journal for her nan’s birthday: